We all know that we should expect the unexpected, but often we procrastinate about taking precautionary action.  In addition, it's often human nature to think "it will never happen to me".

Because of these tendencies, it's important to remind ourselves that none of us are immune to tragedy or bad circumstance.

Term life insurance is about properly preparing for these unforseen tragic events.  Term life insurance will protect you and your family from suffering additional financial hardship during a time of crisis.

We wanted to share this short story about a Mother, her Son and her Husband, and how term life insurance is now more important than ever for their family.

Please enjoy the reading at Goddess of Frugality…

Term Life Insurance-Don't Put It Off – A Goddess of Frugality

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Watch A Short Story About the Importance of Life Insurance

Despite the hectic day-to-day stress and needs of life, protecting your family and preparing for the unexpected needs to be a high priority for everyone.  

When you are ready to take the next step and see how affordable term life insurance can be, visit our term life insurance calculator and receive a free life insurance quote online at Select Your Term.


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    it lasts until he gets out. and it only applies to the maritily members, whilst doing their jobs. so if he comes home and dies, they wont cover him.atleast not in Australia anyway.

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