We never know what life is going to throw our way.  An unexpexted twist or curve ball is always looming around the corner.  Term life insurance helps prepare for the unexpected.

We all go through particular life stages.

Whether it is moving, buying a home, saving for children's college, facing a career change, or confronting illness, we all experience certain life stages that require a certain amount of preparation.

This article written in USA Today highlights these issues and reminds us of the reality that we should always be prepared for the unexpected.

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Lifestages: Preparing for the unexpected

"Insurance and savings are your weapons against unexpected expenses; Term life insurance pays your dependents if you expire before your policy; Have three to six months' worth of expenses in the bank to protect against layoffs. 5:57PM EST September 30."


Ask Yourself: Am I Prepared?

Depending on the particular life stage you are in, term life insurance may be a viable option for you to consider.

Particularly if you will be survived by family and loved ones, it's in your best interest to review some of these term life insurace options.

Select Your Term is available to help answer any questions you may have regarding term life, and we also provide instant term life insurance rates online directly through our website.


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