Life Insurance if You Have a Chronic Condition

We found this fantastic article explaining the options you have to obtain life insurance if you have a chronic pre-existing condition. The article provides insightful tips into how best present your case to an insurance company, showing that you are in control of your condition with medication, as well as preparing for your own medical […]

Should I Buy Extra Insurance Even Though Work Provides It?

Many companies these days already provide term life insurance for their employees. Perhaps you are in that boat, but may require additional insurance due to your current financial care needs. In this case, the obvious question arises: "Should I buy extra term life insurance eventhough work pays for it?" As always, insurance is a product […]

Best Ways to Lower Life Insurance Premiums

We're always looking to spend less and save more. In that light, we have found some of the best ways to lower life insurance premiums. Life insurance is one of those things in life that we need, but not necessarily something that we really want to pay for. Because this is the case, lowering the […]

Benefits of Term Life: Preparing for the Unexpected

We never know what life is going to throw our way.  An unexpexted twist or curve ball is always looming around the corner.  Term life insurance helps prepare for the unexpected. We all go through particular life stages. Whether it is moving, buying a home, saving for children's college, facing a career change, or confronting […]