Saving Money on Term Life Insurance

At Select Your Term, we’re always looking for information on saving money on term life insurance while keeping the coverage we need.  This is a great article detailing some quite simple tips on how to save money on your life insurance.   Utilize these tips from Money Talks News and then allow us to help […]

A Short Story About the Importance of Term Life Insurance


We all know that we should expect the unexpected, but often we procrastinate about taking precautionary action.  In addition, it's often human nature to think "it will never happen to me". Because of these tendencies, it's important to remind ourselves that none of us are immune to tragedy or bad circumstance. Term life insurance is […]

Life Insurance for Service Disabled Veterans

At Select Your Term, we are extremely thankful and respectful of our veterans.  In this article, we discuss special benefits of life insurance for service disabled veterans.   Whenever we can provide life insurance direction or offer any advice to veterans, we jump at the opportunity.  If you are a veteran, or are currently in […]

What is Credit Life Insurance? Do I Need it?

With all of the various financial instruments on the market today, we sometimes get a niche question about, What is Credit Life Insurance? After the explanation of exactly what credit life insurance is, we then get the next logical question(s): "Do I Need it?"  and then… "Can Credit Life Insurance Benefit Me in Any Way?" […]

Life Insurance if You Have a Chronic Condition

We found this fantastic article explaining the options you have to obtain life insurance if you have a chronic pre-existing condition. The article provides insightful tips into how best present your case to an insurance company, showing that you are in control of your condition with medication, as well as preparing for your own medical […]

Should I Buy Extra Insurance Even Though Work Provides It?

Many companies these days already provide term life insurance for their employees. Perhaps you are in that boat, but may require additional insurance due to your current financial care needs. In this case, the obvious question arises: "Should I buy extra term life insurance eventhough work pays for it?" As always, insurance is a product […]

Best Ways to Lower Life Insurance Premiums

We're always looking to spend less and save more. In that light, we have found some of the best ways to lower life insurance premiums. Life insurance is one of those things in life that we need, but not necessarily something that we really want to pay for. Because this is the case, lowering the […]

Benefits of Term Life: Preparing for the Unexpected

We never know what life is going to throw our way.  An unexpexted twist or curve ball is always looming around the corner.  Term life insurance helps prepare for the unexpected. We all go through particular life stages. Whether it is moving, buying a home, saving for children's college, facing a career change, or confronting […]

Do I Need Life Insurance?

We get this question all the time.  Do I really need life insurance?  As with all insurance products, it depends on your personal situation and needs. We found this great article on where 'the Fixer' helps to answer this exact question. Eventhough the article is directed towards residents of the EU / there is […]

Long Term Care Insurance for a Younger Demogrpahic?

By its very nature, each insurance product is unique and particular to each individual.  A properly tailored insurance strategy may be properly tailored for your neighbor, but it might make absolutely no financial or coverage sense for you. Keeping this in mind, we came across this intriguing article on the New York Time Blog that […]