We get this question all the time.  Do I really need life insurance?  As with all insurance products, it depends on your personal situation and needs.

We found this great article on Money.com where 'the Fixer' helps to answer this exact question.

Eventhough the article is directed towards residents of the EU / there is still some pertinent information for those of state side, or thinking of relocating across the Pond.

To determine whether life insurance is right for you, we are here to help.

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Our information is always free, and we are more than happy to help you determine if you need life insurance at this time in your life.


The Fixer: Do I need life insurance?

"A 'single' life insurance policy covers one person only, and pays out the sum assured if that person dies during the policy term. A 'joint' life insurance policy, on the other hand, cover two lives, usually on a 'first death' basis. This means that the …"


Life Insurance Protects New Mother and Baby



If you watched the video, then you definitely understand that appropriate coverage at the right time can have a dramatic effect on a family.

The story is extremly sad, but it would be unbearable if there weren't some life insurance coverage in place for the family. 


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    Sure, pay for the visit out of pocket, inaestd of using insurance. The policyholder (your father) will get an explanation of benefits, showing the doctor charge. If you’re NOT a dependent of your father, you should have your OWN coverage. As long as he’s covering you and both of you are agreeing that you are his dependent (otherwise, you wouldn’t be using HIS insurance!), he’s entitled to this info.

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