At Select Your Term, we are extremely thankful and respectful of our veterans.  In this article, we discuss special benefits of life insurance for service disabled veterans.  

Whenever we can provide life insurance direction or offer any advice to veterans, we jump at the opportunity.  If you are a veteran, or are currently in the military, thank you for your service.

We found a fantastic write-up describing some these particular life insurance benefits for disabled veterans (S-DVI Program).

A Quick Overview of Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance:

"The S-DVI program was established in 1951 to allow veterans with service-connected disabilities to qualify for insurance. The S-DVI insurance is available in a variety of permanent plans as well as a term policy. It will provide up to $10,000 maximum face value to all veterans who may qualify for the benefit." -Visalia Times-Delta

Read more about some of the features of this program at the Veteran's Corner on Visalia Times-Delta: 

Kenneth Cruickshank: Disabled veterans may qualify for special life insurance

"At this time I would like to discuss one of the Department of Veterans Affairs life insurance benefits. I will cover a few of the other insurance programs in a later column; in this column we will be discussing Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S …"


A Short Video Overview of S-DVI


Once again, thank you for your service.  We hope the above information helped to shed some light on some of the benefits for service disabled veterans.  

If you would like to speak personally and have questions that need a little more explanation, please contact us directly.  We are happy to answer any question you may have, absolutely free of charge.  Call us today: 1-855-SHP-TERM

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