At Select Your Term, we’re always looking for information on saving money on term life insurance while keeping the coverage we need.  This is a great article detailing some quite simple tips on how to save money on your life insurance.  

Utilize these tips from Money Talks News and then allow us to help you search for the best term life insurance product that meets your needs.


8 Ways to Save on Life Insurance

“They also combine a savings account and life insurance contract, allowing you to tap the savings component, known as cash value, should the need arise. Term …”


The FTC also has a few great tips for saving money on term life insurance.  They also include 66 additional money saving tips that you can put to use in more aspects of your spending.  Please feel free to visit their site here.


Additional Money Saving Tips for Term Life Insurance

There are many ways to save money on your term life insurance policy.  We are happy to assist and structure the proper policy that will fulfill your goals.  Contact us, or fill out our life insurance quoting engine for more information!


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