Many companies these days already provide term life insurance for their employees.

Perhaps you are in that boat, but may require additional insurance due to your current financial care needs.

In this case, the obvious question arises: "Should I buy extra term life insurance eventhough work pays for it?"

As always, insurance is a product that needs to meet every indivdual right where they are in life – both financially and physically.

The best place to start, according to the following article by Reuters, is to start shopping around.  Although your employer may provide term life insurance, there may simply not be enough coverage for your needs.

You can shop online right now utilizing our free life insurance quote engine online.  

Read more at Reuters to help you decide whether to supplement insurance provided by your employer with additional personal term life insurance.

Should you buy extra insurance at work?

"Participation in life and long-term disability plans remained nearly the same from 2006 to 2010, at 34 percent of workers for life insurance and 24 percent for disability, according to LIMRA. Employer-offered group plans can be cheaper and more …"




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    All the military has the same life inrcasnue. It is called SGLI and is up to $400K for AD member while they are AD. There is no restrictions on the payment like there can be on other life inrcasnue like cannot be claimed in 1 year, not on suicide, etc . It is valid life inrcasnue for the entire enlistment/commission in the military. If something does happen to them driving a car while on vacation it is still paid.

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